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air2energy provide a wide range of HRV Heat Recovery Ventilators and ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators that can be installed in new or existing homes and apartments. Units can be either ducted or ductless. These systems are designed to control and improve the air quality in your home as well as maximize energy efficiency.

Poor indoor air quality can directly affect your family’s health. As we try to reduce heating and cooling costs through building more energy efficient houses we are inadvertently increasing the humidity and air pollution levels within our homes. Ongoing exposure to indoor air contaminants and allergens can trigger health problems such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions.

' Build Tight and Ventilate Right '

We need to build energy efficient housing but we also need continuous fresh air in our homes:

  1. to breathe,
  2. to disperse indoor pollutants,
  3. to remove moisture buildup, and
  4. provide enough air for gas fired appliances.

Heat and Energy Recovery Systems, which have been used extensively worldwide for the past 40 years, solve this problem by providing proven solutions that create a healthier indoor environment with year-round ventilation. More than simply evacuate stale contaminated air, these systems:

  1. control dustmite and mould,
  2. remove harmful pollutants and moisture,
  3. provide fresh filtered air,
  4. recover both heating and cooling from stale air,
  5. enhance energy efficiency, and
  6. integrate with ducted heating & cooling.

Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators are an integral component of buildings designed to the German PassivHaus standard, which are the most energy efficient buildings in the world.

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