News Item - June 2007

"US study highlights health and learning benefits from improved indoor air quality for schools."

A recent US study "Greening America's Schools - Cost and Benefits" by Gregory Kats of Capitol E has found that significant student health gains and improved learning outcomes can be achieved by building schools that employ green technologies. The study shows that such positive outcomes can be achieved with minimal cost increase.

Edward McElroy, President , American Federation of Teachers, stated that " this study persuasively demonstrates that it costs little more to build high performance healthy schools and that there are enormous financial, educational and social benefits to students, schools and society at large."

The positive impact on health of improved indoor air quality is well documented in the report and includes a survey by Carnegie Mellon University, Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics of 17 seperate studies that together show an average improvement in health gains of 41%. This covers areas such as asthma, flu, sick building syndrome, respiratory problems and headaches.

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