News Item - September 2011

"Study disproves claims that roof space air can be used for effective domestic heating and cooling."

News Item - July 2011

"European Countries lead the way for Energy Efficient Buildings."

News Item - May 2011

"Everyday Risk of Allergies."

News Item - February 2011

"Australian Five-Star homes flunk energy test."

News Item - July 2010

"New Australian report examines relationship between air pollution and asthma."

News Item - June 2007

"US study highlights health and learning benefits from improved indoor air quality for schools."

News Item - February 2007

"Fine particulate air pollution poses heart risk for postmenopausal women."

News Item - November 2006

"Air pollution deaths 'outnumber road toll' in Sydney."

News Item - July 2006

"Car exhaust pollution reduces lung function in children."

News Item - March 2006

"New UK building regulations for ventilation made law."

News Item - March 2006

"Air pollution increases hospitalizations rates in elderly."

News Item - February 2006

"Indoor Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency Design."

News Item - February 2006

"California Identifies Second-Hand Smoke as a "Toxic Air Contaminant"

News Item - November 2005

"Childhood cancers linked to oil based combustion gases."

News Item - July 2005

"Traffic air pollution - a major health threat."

News Item - June 2005

"Illness linked to indoor mould and dampness."

News Item - May 2005

"Serious health effects of particulate air pollution."

News Item - February 2005

"Plastic flooring may cause allergies and asthma in children"

News Item - November 2004

"Air pollution may narrow arteries"

News Item - September 2004

"Indoor air quality may affect childhood asthma"

News Item - August 2004

"Air pollution can cause fetal DNA damage"

News Item - May 2004

"Scientists tackle the decline in male fertility"

News Item - April 2004

"State of the Air: National Ambient Air Quality Status and Trends Report 1991-2001"

News Item - January 2004

2004 has been proclaimed the Year of the Built Environment across Australia.

News Item - November 2003

"Danger - Home renovations could make your child sick."

News Item - September 2003

"Is Your Home Making You Sick?" - Choice Magazine

News Item - April 2003

The National Environmental Health Strategy - enHealth - Australia

News Item - October 2002

"Indoor Air Quality in Australia: A Strategy for Action "

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