Sustainable Energy Authority. Victoria The Sustainable Energy Authority is a Victorian Government agency established to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and support and facilitate the development and use of sustainable energy options to achieve environmental and economic benefits for the Victorian community.

Bostad-Barn-Hälsa-studien - Residential Children Health Studies. This Swedish research centre has an extensive range of research focused on children and the potential health issues that are often associated with their indoor environments.

CSIRO. Australia CSIRO offers an independent facility for measuring and advising on the indoor air quality of buildings or the pollutant emissions of specific products, factors that can have a significant affect on occupant health and productivity increase and the risk of legal challenge for compensation.

Passivehaus Institute - Germany The Passivhaus Institut (PHI) was founded in 1996, by Dr. Wolfgang Feist, as an independent research institution. It employs physicists, mathematicians and civil, mechanical and environmental engineers, performing research and development on highly efficient energy use.

BRE Passivehaus UK The BRE group was the former Building Research Establishment for the UK Government and is now a consultancy service and helps government, industry and business to meet the challenges of our built environment. Read their primer on thePassivehaus standard.

Passivhaus Australia. Passivhaus Australia is a network of highly experienced German and Swiss trained development specialists who are uniquely placed to ... deliver practical solutions that balance environment, social and financial objectives with the vision to create long-term changes towards a low carbon future.

Passipedia, the Passive House resource On Passipedia, basic Passive House information and insights are available for all to see. Passipedia is the tool with which new Passive House findings from around the world are being presented, as well as where the highlights of almost 20 years of PHI research on Passive Houses are being posted.

Environment Protection and Heritage Council - Australia "The occupants of buildings with poor indoor air quality can suffer from severe effects (asthma, allergic response, cancer risk) to mild and generally non-specific symptoms. Some health effects may show up years after exposure has occurred or only after long or r epeated periods of exposure, and thus can be characterised as long-term health effects. These effects, which include respiratory diseases and cancer, can be severely debilitating or fatal. Long-term health effects."

American Lung Association. The American Lung Association is the greatest single resource for information and education about asthma. We have assumed a leading role in the fight against tobacco, helping smokers to quit, encouraging children not to start smoking, and protecting nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. We are constantly fighting for improved government standards for air quality, so everyone can breathe easier.

National Asthma Council Australia "Indoor pollution is characterised by a high concentration of specific pollutants that are of indoor origin. During recent decades, concern about possible health effects resulting from indoor air pollution has increased as the concentration of indoor pollutants in modern buildings has risen to relatively higher levels. Environmental tobacco smoke and mould growth are consistently associated with asthma ...."

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) America The Indoor Environments Division (IED) coordinates research and develops and implements policies regarding the impact of indoor air pollutants on the general public.

The National Environmental Health Strategy - enHealth Council - Australia The National Environmental Health Strategy defines the practice of environmental health as covering the assessment, correction, control and prevention of environmental factors that can adversely affect health, as well as the enhancement of those aspects of the environment that can improve human health.

FORMAS. The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning Formas encourages and supports scientifically significant research related to sustainable development. The FORMAS journal Swedish Research for SUSTAINABILITY " is published 4 times per year. Most of the FORMAS research project reports, covering a wide range of areas, are available for free in PDF format as well. Back issuesare available

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Ecomaster - Gisborne, Victoria " Ecomaster are a trusted and experienced organisation to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. They EcoMaster retrofitted homes are naturally cooler in summer, retain their winter warmth for much longer, have significantly reduced energy bills and much lower greenhouse gas emissions."

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